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Simple Mail Merge

Embedded Response Buttons

Follow-on Survey

Treat your customers like friends

Mail Merge

Mail merge direct from your outbox. Easily track your open and click rates.


Response Buttons

Ask a question in your email. Get responses with embedded buttons.


Buzzin’ benefits

EmailBee gets your emails in front of your customers. It works by sending a mail merge through your own account.

You can embed a question in the email and optionally follow up with further survey questions.

EmailBee is designed to work with any email account. But we’ve also built specific add-ins for Gmail mail merge and Outlook mail merge.

  • Land in the Inbox

    Reach your customer’s personal inbox with EmailBee. Avoid the spam and promotions filters that blight Email Service Providers

  • Get Your Email Opened

    Build relationships by sending emails from a real account and get them read.

  • Drive responses

    Add buttons to your emails and drive response.

Every email is valuable

Stop sending lots of emails to uninterested recipients and focus on your real customers. Here’s why:

  • Avoid the “spam” filter. A spam rate of just 1% can result in over 30% of all your emails not reaching inboxes.
  • Make your emails focussed. With fewer contacts to manage it gets easier to segment and tailor your message
  • Avoid the “promotions” box. With more emails to send you end up using an email service provider that lands you in the promotions inbox in Gmail.
  • Save time. Handling a smaller database simply takes less time to manage and analyse

To get the most out of your email marketing concentrate on the people that matter and forget the ones that don’t respond.

About Us

We are a small team of entrepreneurs, developers and marketers based in Godalming, Surrey.

We wanted to create a new type of email marketing – one that treated customers as important relationships and not just rows in a database. That meant improving deliverability and adding surveys.

So in September 2014 we started work on building the type of email offering we would use ourselves. It took a year of coding and research before we launched our beta version in October 2015. It has been going great so far!

Aman Grewal
Matthew Wren
Karum Sandhu

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