A chat about Content marketing and coffee

Aman and I love sneaking off for a coffee and a chat. The seeds of EmailBee were germinated over many, many lattes (me) and Cappuccinos (Aman).

One topic we often discuss is Content Marketing. Content Marketing involves sharing expertise for free – which positions you as an expert in your field.


Let’s imagine you own a café. Your conventional marketing strategy might be to:

  • Tell people how great your coffee is
  • Generate awareness of your café through local advertising

But this doesn’t really work. There’s a scene in the film “Elf” where our hero – a naïve Elf lost in New York – sees a sign for “world’s best cup of coffee”. He rushes into the café screaming “congratulations!!” to the confusion of everyone in the grotty looking outlet. The point is people have gotten numb to marketing claims.

Elf coffee image

The content marketing strategy is different – with this approach you might:

  • Tell people how to make a great coffee (perhaps even offer lessons to do so)
  • Tell people what to look for when buying coffee

It’s about showing your skill not asserting it. This is exactly what the guys at Prufrock Coffee have done: Their website is overflowing with content about coffee. Yes, there is the danger that I take their (free) knowledge and make my own coffee at home (or even start a competing café). But reading their website makes me feel that they brew up the finest coffee in London. And because they are confident enough to share their wisdom, you feel like they are so good they’re not worried.

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