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8 tips for great email signatures

Here are our 8 tips for making your email signature look great. Let’s start with simple text as a signature:

  • Signature - start

    Simple text signature

  1. Choose a different font to your main body text. Also change the colour – a 70% grey shade can work well, or equally a dark blue.

    Signature - font2

    Using a serif font and 70% grey

  2. Put your name in bold. This separates it from the rest of the signature.

    Signature - name bold2

    Name in bold

  3. Put your address on one line. This makes your signature look neater and easier to scan.

    Signature - address

    Keep your address to one line

  4. Don’t use icons for telephone, email etc. If people have plain text or don’t allow the images it will look messy.
    Signature - icons both

    Icons can look good when you send them but can be messy if received as plain text

    ...and even messier on mobile

    …and even messier on mobile

  5. Add a logo but don’t make it too big. No bigger than 150 px wide and 100 px high. Make sure to link the logo to your website.
    Signature - logo compare

    A 250px width logo can overpower the signature, but a 125px width works better

  6. Use ‘shift-return’ rather than just return to start a new line in your signature – the people receiving your emails will be using a mix of email clients to read your email. Some of these email clients (such as gmail) render a double spacing when ‘return’ is used to start a new line. This means your signature will appear spread out to those recipients.
    Signature - spaces

    Returns can be double spaced by some email clients so use shift+return instead

  7. Don’t bother with social media icons apart from linkedIn. No-one is going to click through to see your company stuff just because they have a facebook page. If your organization wants to build social media followers insert your latest posts using the EmailBee add-in.
    signature - social media buttons

    Facebook and twitter buttons aren’t very compelling on their own

    signature - emailbee

    Using EmailBee to embed an actual post works much better

  8. Do include a linkedIn button. You do this by copying one of the buttons here: and then adding a linking to the “a href=” link at the top of the code that is provided next to the badge.signature - final


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