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Great New Features from EmailBee

EmailBee’s latest release allows you to send personalised emails quickly and easily.  Helping you to build quality relationships with your contacts. New features include mail merge, saved templates, customer intelligence and unsubscribe management.

Mail Merge –  quickly personalize and send bulk emails to your contacts.

Mail merge works as a Google add in, or via smtp with other email accounts.  You start by writing the email (or selecting a saved template) using our online editor.

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Quickly personalise the email using contact fields. Add images, rich web links and formatting. Then choose addressees from your contact list. When you’re ready, EmailBee sends the emails from your own email account.

Saved Templates  –  save and re-use your most commonly used emails.

Saved templates can be used from Outlook or Chrome for Gmail to send individual emails, or from any browser to send a mail merge. EmailBee then tracks views and clicks for each templated email. You can also set a default template that inserts a signature and footer every time you compose an email from your email client.


Customer Intelligence – import your contacts then add demographic information, tags and custom fields

The database allows you to easily add segmenting information to your contact list then quickly search and select the segments you wish to email.


Unsubscribe Management – add unsubscribe details and links to your commercial email

When you send a commercial mail merge, we help you to comply with anti-spam best practice by automatically adding an unsubscribe link for each recipient. If a recipient unsubscribes we’ll update your contact list and send you an email.


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