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Powerful New Footers

We are taking a big leap forwards with our updated footers that are part of the new EmailBee. Previously users could only add a “snippet” as a footer. Like this:


Now our template editor allows you to easily use text, images and multiple snippets to create your own unique signature or footer.

To try this enhanced functionality, go to the templates section of the emailbee web app. Click on the “new template” icon at the top right of the screen:


Then use our new editor to write your own signature and footer. You can access the “snippets” that were previously the extent of our footers from the menu:


The combination of features allows you to create much more sophisticated signatures:


If you’d like to use a template as your standard footer, simply mark it as default within the template editor:


Then decide when you would like to use the template in your email client. If you have just updated your templates you may need to click on the “refresh” button to ensure you have the latest version:


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