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Why the “unsubscribe” message is your email’s best friend

I’m still amazed at how many organizations fail to include an unsubscribe message in their commercial emails. It’s just crazy – unsubscribe is your best friend:

  1. It improves the quality of your list.
    Judge your mailing list by its quality not by its size. By “quality” the recipients should be interested in the specific topics you are emailing them about. So have multiple lists for different topics. And make it really easy for recipients to opt out. That way the quality goes up, and so does your open and click through rate.
  1. It prevents your emails being classed as spam
    Without an unsubscribe option some recipients will just class your email as spam. That’s a disaster – even a small increase in spam classifications will dramatically damage your deliverability. According to the Return Path Sender Score Report, a spam complaint rate of over 1% can result in over 40% of emails not arriving in inboxes. And that will prevent you getting to the recipients who DO want to hear from you.
  1. It stops you getting sued
    In many jurisdictions (including Europe and the USA) it is illegal to send commercial email without an unsubscribe message. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a single email or a bulk mail job. If the email is not essential to the provision of your offering, you are liable. And in the USA that liability is now $16,000 PER EMAIL. Seriously – why would you do it?

So if you are running mail merges on behalf of your company, you should make sure that your software allows you to include an easy unsubscribe message. We do that for our users at EmailBee. Run a mail merge with us and we’ll include a unique unsubscribe link for each recipient.

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