The Easy Way to Run a Gmail Mail Merge

Need to quickly run a mail merge in Gmail? Here’s how to do it with EmailBee.

Go to, click “Get Started” and then register using your Gmail account. Don’t worry there’s a free package so it doesn’t cost anything.

Then run through these 5 easy steps:

  1. Create any Custom Fields. We have already set up first name and last name – but if you want anything else it’s easy to add:
  2. Upload your Contacts. You can import from Google, upload from csv or enter them manually. Map any custom fields you are using from your import:
    Contact Import
  3. From MailBox click on “New Mail Merge“. Then write your email and add any custom fields into the content:
    Mail Content
  4. Add your Addressees from your Contact list or type the emails manually. Don’t worry – if you are missing custom field information we’ll ask you for it.
    Email Addressees
  5. Set up your unsubscribe message if you want one included. Then click next to Review and Send direct from your outbox:
    Unsubscribe Message

Happy Emailing!

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