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We’re super excited about our latest feature – survey questions embedded in email. You can now include a question and response buttons in your mail merges!

Embedded buttons

How does this help? Well, by asking a question in an email you get:

  • High deliverability as your email isn’t sent by either an email marketing server such as MailChimp or by a survey provider server such as SurveyMonkey. Instead the email comes directly from your account, so it is much more likely to land in an inbox.
  • High open rate. Your customers will recognise your email address and it won’t have any sent “via” notation in the “from” box – making your email more likely to be opened.
  • High click rate. Embedding the first question inside the email massively improves your response rate – our experience is by as much as 4 times

What’s more, by asking the first question in the email you can tailor the survey to that response. EmailBee allows you to set up entirely different follow up questions depending on the answer.


Tailor follow up questions based on the initial click


Here’s an example. Ash runs a restaurant in London, and he wanted to check with his bookings whether they enjoyed their meal after they have visited. So he set up a simple survey:




The clever bit is that the survey asks some follow up questions based on how the customer rated the experience.

So, if you thought the meal was great, the survey asks about what you particularly enjoyed.




And if you were less positive, the survey asks for what could be improved.




And what were the results? Ash reports that over 60% of bookings are providing feedback on their experience – allowing him to track performance of the restaurant and individual wait staff (more about this in a separate blog later…)


Over 60% of bookings are providing feedback on their experience


The combination of high deliverability, easy response and flexible questions mean that you can use EmailBee for a huge variety of reasons. Here’s just a few:



 Wedding Invitations:

Lewis used EmailBee after having a nightmare using an online invitation company to send out his wedding invite. The invite looked great – the only problem was that it wasn’t landing in inboxes. And when you are only inviting a hundred friends and family to your big day, the last thing you want is for your invite to end up in a spam box.

So Lewis designed a simple but beautiful invite using our Email editor. He included easy response buttons, and then mail merged the invite from his own outbox.  Bingo! 100% of emails landed in the inbox.

Invite Question


So if you have an important day coming up, don’t trust someone else’s email server to deliver your message. Use EmailBee to deliver it personally.



 Team availability:

Tim uses EmailBee to check his teammates availability for matches. Simple buttons make it easy for players to respond without having to type out an email:

Availability Survey

Tim then gets a summary of the responses, and can set up reminders to chase those that haven’t replied.



Conference invitations:

Angela runs a popular conference for her company – every year it is oversubscribed. Previously she had used Email Service Providers to send out information and invitations. But she was getting complaints when some clients weren’t receiving the information. A significant number of the emails were being filtered out into promotions or spam folders.

So she switched to using EmailBee to send out both the information and invitation. Her deliverability improved dramatically – making sure every client had the opportunity to attend.

Conference invite



Service feedback:

EmailBee can support Net Promoter Score feedback or other score-driven evaluations:


Again, you can have follow up questions/ comments that can completely vary depending on the initial response.




Customer Engagement:

Mark makes it really easy for his customer to respond to his emails by including response buttons. Recently his company introduced some great new modules to their software product. As well as letting his clients know about the new modules, Mark checked whether they would like to a demo:




Get a Response…

Using EmailBee to send out simple response emails gives you the best possible chance of getting a response. It treats your customers like real people rather than numbers, and makes it clear that you value their input.

  • Inbox

    Use mail merge from your own account to make sure you land in your customers’ inboxes.

  • Open

    Sending from a personal email address maximizes open rate

  • Click

    Questions with easy response buttons improve response rate by 4x in our experience




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