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Uploading Contacts from csv

Follow these steps to upload contacts from a spreadsheet: First ensure that you have added any custom fields for the data you are uploading. These are fields other than the default First Name, Last Name, Email Address. Create a spreadsheet with a single worksheet. Include the data you wish to upload in columns on the […]

Delayed Send for Gmail

Delayed send for Gmail is available using SMTP from the EmailBee website. To set this up you will need to adjust your Google Account settings to “allow less secure apps”. Once you have done this please email us at support@emailbee.com and we will add the delayed send feature to your account. Enabling “less secure apps” […]

One-click surveys

We’re super excited about our latest feature – survey questions embedded in email. You can now include a question and response buttons in your mail merges! How does this help? Well, by asking a question in an email you get: High deliverability as your email isn’t sent by either an email marketing server such as MailChimp or by a […]

How do I create an EmailBee email?

You can create an email either at the start of the mail merge process or by creating a template. It’s the same process either way. If you want to create a template click on the templates menu item:   Then select “New Template” at the top right of the screen. You can then use our […]

How do I manage my email templates?

Your email templates are stored under the “templates” menu item:   You can create folders to organize your templates by clicking on the “new folder” button on the top right of the screen.   You can edit or delete any template by clicking on it:   You can assign a default template from within the edit template […]

How do I use an email template?

Once you have created an email template you can use it in one of three ways: 1. Mail Merge: When you set up a new mail merge, you can base it on a previously saved template:   You can then select the template you wish to use, and make any edits to that template:   […]

How does EmailBee work with Twitter?

You can create a “snippet” from your Twitter account to insert in emails. This snippet will automatically update with the latest tweet. How does EmailBee decide what image to use in the Twitter snippet? If an image has been used as a part of a specific tweet then EmailBee will use that image in the […]

How do I use mail merge fields with email templates?

You can add a mail merge field to any email template by using the “insert field” button on the template editor page:   Two mail merge fields (first name, last name) are automatically available. Additional, custom fields can be added on the “custom fields” page.  The “add field” button is top right of the custom fields screen. […]