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How do I use mail merge fields with email templates?

You can add a mail merge field to any email template by using the “insert field” button on the template editor page:   Two mail merge fields (first name, last name) are automatically available. Additional, custom fields can be added on the “custom fields” page.  The “add field” button is top right of the custom fields screen. […]

How do I connect EmailBee to Gmail on Chrome?

Open up gmail in Chrome after you have first installed the addin. You should see the following dialog box:   After you have clicked yes, you will be asked to confirm the gmail account that you wish to use EmailBee with. Click on the same gmail account as the email inbox you started from. This […]

Can I use multiple Google accounts with EmailBee?

EmailBee works with multiple Google accounts. If you have installed the EmailBee addin for Chrome, you will be prompted to activate each email account the first time you open it.   When you activate the account you will be presented with a confirmation of the account you wish to use:   If you select a […]

Uninstalling the EmailBee extension (chrome)

To uninstall the EmailBee Chrome extension, in Chrome, go to Settings (at the right of the address bar) and click on Settings. Once on Settings, select ‘Extensions from the left hand side. On the Extensions screen select the trashcan next to the EmailBee extension. (see screenshots below).

Installing the EmailBee extension (Chrome)

You can install the EmailBee extension from the Chrome store here. Once installed, just refresh your gmail tab in Chrome and the EmailBee toolbar will appear and you can start adding footers. If your email is not associated with an EmailBee account then you will be prompted to create an account with EmailBee.

What versions of Outlook does the EmailBee add-in work for?

Currently there are EmailBee add-ins for Outlook 2013 and 2010 (for Windows). We aim to have EmailBee work for Outlook 2007 shortly. EmailBee does not work on Outlook for Mac. EmailBee has been tested to work with Windows 8 or Windows 7 Operating systems. You can see what Operating System you are using by going […]

Can I use EmailBee from multiple email addresses (on Outlook)?

Yes, you can. If you manage multiple email addresses from the same Outlook client then you can have a different EmailBee account working with each email address. Please note that, if you open or reply to a message from one email account and then change the ‘from’ to another email account that you manage, then […]

Which email clients can I use EmailBee with?

EmailBee works with most email providers by either using SMTP to send mail merges or by using your Google sign in. In addition, we provide add-ins for the following email set ups: Gmail (personal and business) using a Chrome browser. Outlook 2013 for Windows Outlook 2010 for Windows The add-ins aren’t required. But they provide links and […]

How do I create a mail merge?

Start a mail merge by clicking on the new mail merge button on your mailbox page: This opens the email editor page where you can create your email by either of: Writing an email from scratch. Copying and pasting html content into the message section Using one of your saved templates You can also add custom fields for your […]